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Stunning Drawings by Michael Reedy

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Klari Reis

From A Daily Dish

A Catalog of 365 Petri Dishes

29 Jul 14 at 2 am

Catherina Türk on Etsy

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Christian Weber - Speak and Spell (2012)

"A fascination with Eastern spirituality led Weber to work on Speak and Spell, a series of photographs that examines human gesture.”

1. Suggesting Astonishment

2. Adoration

3. Holding Fingers Open to Grasp a Weapon

4. Instruction by Silence

5. Beckoning to Bestow

6. Assuring Protection


A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. —Charles Dickens

28 Jul 14 at 10 pm


Warpaint by Beau Grealy.

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Warpaint by Beau Grealy.
28 Jul 14 at 9 pm


Moisés Mahiques

Sex Happening Location

Emanel, India ink, Rotring pen and marker on paper


28 Jul 14 at 9 pm


see more at my blog (◡‿◡*)❤


see more at my blog (◡‿◡*)❤
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Whenever I breathe out, you’re breathing in - Adam Lupton

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Francis Alys - Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing (1997)

México de ayer <3

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